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The Von Bondies' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
The Von Bondies

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Frankies, Toledo (March 5th) [08 Mar 2008|12:44pm]


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from FOTOG INK [31 Jan 2007|02:18pm]

[ mood | okay ]

Below:Jason Stollsteimer at the Magic Stick ©Fotog </em>

The Von Bondies are ready to return . The Detroit rockers plan to tour in support of the begin recording the follow-up to last year's
Pawn Shoppe Heart soon.
Frontman Jason Stollsteimer, guitarist Marcie Bolen and drummer Don Blum ,bassist Yasmeen Smith will soon begin the tour once a release date is set for the near complete new LP.
Stollsteimer, the primary songwriter, has recently also drawn on the songwriting talents of his fellow Von Bondies.
"We didn't know how to play our instruments when we did our first record, [2001's Lack of Communication]," Stollsteimer says, "so it was more open to just me being the main person. With this new record,the band is even more in synch. I've been pushing them to because I want to know what they can come up with.
Below:Von Bondies at The Magic Stick ©Fotog

Basically almost finished, Jason told me recently that the new album is yet another branching out in sound for the band. While remaining true to his love of blues based rock, the new album will introduce more synth ( nothing could make me happier, as I am a HUGE synth fan)into that patented Von Bondie sound. "The songs are changing and so are we," Stollsteimer says, "so we want somebody who fits where we're at musically. I think that having every record sound the same gets really boring. "
Below : Marcie and Taylor Hollingsworth at the Belmont©Fotog

Amen to that. As Detroiters know, Marcie has recently done work outside of the Bondies with local rapper Esquire as well as Taylor Hollingsworth. It can only mean a more spirited album, this time around. If Pawn Shoppe Heart was any indication of how good this band has become, I'm even more excited for the follow up. Stay tuned.


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The Return of the Von Bondies [29 Oct 2006|09:36am]

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what is up Von Bonders ? [04 Aug 2006|09:36am]

I heard from good sources that they are about to get dropped from Sire since the buzz about detroit is dead and chevy found a new band. Thank goodness, if i saw one more hipster at walmart with a white belt i'd go king fu on his butt. Plus jack white moved away and all so no rock stars left to punch Jason in the face for publicity. This community seems dead.
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a message from MySpace [21 Feb 2006|01:50pm]

[ mood | tired ]

"If you live in or around the Tampa area and are over +21
Then send us a message to our myspace account.
We are giving away tickets to our myspace friends for our show on march 19.

the von bondies

PS. you have 9 days to respond"


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New Von Bondies board [13 Dec 2005|03:46pm]

Hey all... if you are interested I started a new Von Bondies board at Conforums:


I used to have the one at EZ Board, but after EZ Board had their crash and wiped everything out I figured I might as well switch. Not to mention that the ads on EZ Board were getting waaay out of hand. So, come on by, if you'd like. It's pretty empty right now since we're starting from scratch.
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Von Bondies store [12 Oct 2005|10:15am]

[ mood | tired ]

Hey... don't know if ya'll have noticed yet, but the Von Bondies have their online store up:

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[07 Aug 2005|10:12pm]

[ mood | amused ]

this might be a little old to be asking but hell here it goes..who saw the vb's at street scene?

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[26 Jul 2005|01:41pm]

oh my, Yasmine has hurt herself, details posted by Don http://www.livejournal.com/users/thevonbondies/
I hope she can play still.
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[09 Jul 2005|03:36pm]

[ mood | mellow ]

Since this community needs a post... I am making one!

Thought this would amuse y'all.

I made it with a generator, but did some color editing. And yes, I have no life.

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[01 Jul 2005|12:16pm]

[ mood | amused ]

whats up you von bonders! why such the lack in postin? it makes me sad...
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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[28 Jun 2005|04:05pm]

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[16 Jun 2005|03:57pm]

omg! Don updated his LJ http://www.livejournal.com/users/thevonbondies/ , I'm unabale to to post a coment though, I'm still trying to contact him regarding the project me and Justin were hoping to have him play drums.
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[10 Jun 2005|09:04pm]

Can someone please email me the song "Right Of Way" from pawn shoppe heart? I accidentally deleted the song from my computer and a friend has my copy of the CD! My email address is plasticpearls@gmail.com. many thanks! x
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How can I get a hold of Don ? [26 May 2005|06:45pm]

I'd like to see if he would like to do some guest drumming on a new project Justin and I are working on. Any information would be most appreciated.

Peter Torker
American Thunder
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[05 May 2005|06:59pm]

new born..
to the community as well as the von bondies..fell in love with them within the first 15 seconds i heard "comon comon"..so yeah i bought "pawn shoppe heart" on amazon and i am also in love with it..i am looking forward to learning more about this HOTT band..and also the HOTT Marcie Bolen..im diggin her
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[25 Apr 2005|10:08am]

So the Von Bondies are currently in the studio. Im incredibly excited about that, and I hope we get a nice, solid VB album, which im sure we will. If anyone stumbles upon any news/rumors/tour dates/etc, be sure to post them here, Im eager to hear news.
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VB t-shirt [12 Mar 2005|09:21pm]


Hey guys this community seemed to short of die but I was wondering if anyone would be interested in this VB shirt I made. I would hate to see it go to waste because I made it for a friend but after I started it I realized I did it on the wrong sized shirt. And i'm too fat to wear it and I would keep it and make it into a bag but money is tight for me these days so I need to let it go. But it is one of my favorite shirts that i've stenciled and I would like to see it go to a good home.

It's a Youth Medium and it has never been worn.
I'll sell it for $13 and that will include shipping and everything.
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[27 Feb 2005|11:55am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

There has been no posts for over a month o_O Sabriel to the rescue with a probably stupid question...

Are VB going to release anything else from Pawn Shoppe Heart?

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[21 Jan 2005|07:49pm]

i need band members hit me up if your interested www.purevolume.com/ioannalovesmatt
these are other bands i have been in
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